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University Approved and affiliate Centres

Theophany Education Network

Theophany Education Network is the quality Assurance body of Theophany University Recognized by the Board of Quality Standards. BEN regulate the affiliate and institutional bodies of the university offering TU curriculum around the world.

Theophany University invites you to share the challenge of online and Blended learning education.
Colleges, Institutes, NGOs and individuals wishing to operate Study Centers and Extension Campuses of TU in various parts of the world on mutual partnership basis are requested to apply online.

The approved study centers will enroll students, conduct study exercises and hold examinations or assessment of students . The TU will award the diploma based on their recommendations. The quality of the educational standards will be monitored by the Board of Quality Standards (BQS) . The Approved accredited centres membership will be granted to the successful candidate By BQS

Licensing of campuses
TU International Partners (affiliated campuses) generally hold governmental licensing to operate and run the programs they offer, or are subject to statutory exemption in the various countries concerned. Please contact the campus concerned for details.
Apply with your curriculum vitae and for institutions and companies apply with company profile . Institutions applying has to be recognized by their respective government or agencies .

List of recognized Affiliate
  • Accreditation agency curacao
  • Institute of chartered professionals
  • Chartered by Government of Haiti
  • Certified to ISO 9001:2008
  • Certified to ISO 29990:2010
  • Accredited to IQAAF:2011
  • Accredited to IAO:2011
  • Accredited to BQS
  • Recognition from University of Philippines
  • Education Quality Accreditation (EQA)
  • Board of quality standards - oversight board and part of the university recognised by EU
  • Part of university in Nigeria and Zambia
  • West Africa site for students from West Africa
  • Other bodies in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, USA, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Rep. of Benin, South Africa & India etc.

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