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Research Degrees

The University welcomes applications from prospective students wishing to pursue independent postgraduate study in the area of Business and law.The university is active in the area of postgraduate supervision and currently has research students at Masters (Research), Ph.D. and Doctoral levels engaging in research across a wide range of areas relating to Business, management and law. The university Ph.D. programme is a development of the traditional Ph.D., where students select an area of enquiry and complete their doctoral thesis under the supervision of a designated supervisor. Prospective students must outline their area of interest in a brief initial proposal which is considered by the School. As such, the university strongly advises those considering application to consult informally with university in relation to their research proposal, in advance of a formal application to the Dean of Research Studies.

Research Details

( Duration two to three years) (all courses include 600 euro supervisor fee) All the tuition fees here are reduced till 2017.

  • Management ( MSc, PhD, DBA)   Tuition euro1500/year
  • International Commerce (MSc, DBA)  Tuition euro 2000/year
  • International Relations (PhD)   Tuition euro2000/year
  • Law (international law) (Dr.) Tuition euro 3500/year
  • Psychology (PhD) Tuition euro 2000/year
  • Environmental Science and Environmental Management (MSc, PhD) 1000/year
  • Health Sciences ( PhD)  Tuition euro1500/year
  • Medicina Alternativa (Natural Medicine) (MSc, PhD)  Tuition  euro1500/year
  • Public Health (PhD) Tuition euro 1500/year
  • Public Administration (PhD) Tuition euro 1500/year
  • Social and Political Sciences (PhD) Tuition euro 2000/year
  • Education  English Liguistic  (D.Ed.)  Tuition euro 1000/year

  • PhD in Human Resources management (Research)  (three years Duration )
                        (Tuition Euro 1200/year)
    PhD in Entrepreneurship and Branding (Research)  
                         (Tuition Euro 1200/year )
    PhD in Ministry  (Research) 
                (Tuition Euro 1200/Year) 
    (Graduate of University of Metaphysics  can apply)

    LLD In Law   (Research) ( Theophany College of Law) (Three years duration) 
    Tuition Euro 6000/Year

    Ed.D In Education (Research)
    Entry requirement Master level Qualification in education
    Tuition 1500/ year  ( duration two to three year )

    Dsc In Management (Research)  (Duration one to two years )
    Entry requirement a PhD in any area related to management   
    Tuition Euro 6000/year

    Doctor of letters (Literature)
    Entry requirement PhD in English Literature . A written thesis about 50000 words in any area of expertise will be reviewed by the member of the academic council before qualification are awarded. Duration 1-2 years .Tuition only 3000 euros 

    PhD agricultural science
    Entry requirement Master level Qualification in agricultural  science
    Tuition 1500/ year  ( duration two to three year )

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